The Felines at Three Sheeps to the Wind Farm

In order to keep the rodent population under control here we have both indoor and outdoor kitties.

"Crash" (right) came to live with us when we were still in Sidney. One off-the-cuff comment to IACUC member Monica Miller was all it took and suddenly we were the owners of this stray from the streets of Chicago. Crash was delivered to us by Dr. Nadine one rainy evening and we have been laughing at him (lovingly, of course) ever since.

"Crash", you see, earned his name by being as un-graceful as any cat I have ever known. We joke that he certainly is far-sighted because somehow he can mis-judge jumping from the floor to the couch. Think the old adage about cats always landing on their feet is correct? Think again!

Wondering about the crazy get-up that Crash is wearing, visit this website!

We have adopted a few barn cats from Catsnap here in Champaign County. These feral kitties were trapped, spayed and then brought to live with us on the farm. They keep the barn mice under control in exchange for some kibble and fresh water. Getting photos of the barn cats is not easy as they are camera shy!

Lucy (left) is our mighty huntress. She regularly brings us "offerings" and leaves them on the front patio so that we can admire her hunting skills. One day she brought us a mole that was LITERALLY half her size! Lately because of the cold she's not been finding any mice so she brings corn cob offerings to us. Now THAT is love!