Ravenwood's Simeon

Simon is our mini-donkey boy....and yes, we realize his registered name is Simeon but somewhere along the way when we were in the process of adopting him I mis-read his name and started referring to him as "Simon" and we all agreed that name fit him.

We adopted Simon from an equine rescue group in Indiana. Our friends Kim and Rich Kensell helped us go over to pick him up (and check him out). On the way home they conspired in the front seat of the truck and convinced us that Simon really needed a pasture pal. We stopped at their farm, put Chief in the trailer and the two have been fast friends ever since.

Simon was a bit stand-offish at first but has warmed up to us and knows full well that we don't visit the "boys" without treats in our pockets! Simon has VERY quickly won our hearts and convinced us that there are DEFINITELY more mini-donkeys in our future!